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Sold!~4205 Wood St-Dunsmuir- $170,000

3BR     2Ba     21000  SF      Beautiful Old Fixer

As a house, I am not exactly move-in ready. Tenants have lived in me for years, and the last ones were not very nice. I was not treated with the respect I deserve. I have a lot of nice qualities- an HVAC system for each floor, which give you AC and heat. One unit is even 2 years old, and both have been serviced. My kitchen is really nice, and new, and there is vinyl flooring throughout my kitchen and my family room. What I love about me is my huge, light filled living room. I would love to have someone design the space to bring back life into me. Right now, I feel a little sad, a little beaten down.You know, houses have feelings, too. We take on the personna of our people, and I want good people inside me. Downstairs, my wood floors need sanding, and upstairs, my bedroom floors need to be covered. I have been taken down to the right place in which a you can come in and make a difference. My bones are good. I can be beautiful with just the right person Then, all the light in the house will be amplified, because I will be a show stopper! My heart will be shining brightly!
Measurements taken by Agents. Buyers to verify. Mls#20221129