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Pending! ~ 832 Firenze ~ McCloud ~ $330,000

5 Bedrooms           1.5 Baths           1996 SF              Vacation Home for the Gang!

This rustic McCloud house may lack curb appeal, due to the need to paint and landscape, but the interior more than makes up for it.  Shiny wood floors, lots of bedrooms,- it almost feels like a summer camp,- especially when the largest bedroom is filled with 5 beds and space left over. Oh what fun it would be to redo this property! What a great family home it would be for generations ,- well into the future. The interior is warmly inviting, and spacious. One can lose one’s self in the bedrooms, hide in any one of them and drift back into time gone by. There is feeling of summer campfires and roasted marshmallows, cousins and best friends gathering together to whisper into the dark of the night. I digress here, lost in childhood memories, when the world seemed a simple, and safe, place and when summers went on forever. The exterior and the yard need some TLC, but everyone needs to make a home reflect his/her own vision. This is your chance to own an old McCloud home- 100 + years  and still going strong MLS 20201109