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5220 Saddle Ridge Rd ~ Lake Shastina ~ $365,000

4 Bedrooms     2 Baths      Views Galore!     .76 Acres    1853 SF

This home is a hidden gem in Lake Shastina, perched at the high point of an obscure road, which is no more than two blocks long. The home is positioned to encompass stellar views of Mt Shasta and of Lake Shastina. The exterior of the home, and the surrounding grounds are impeccable. The grounds are natural, with junipers dotting the landscape. This leaves little concern for what the deer may eat, as they forage for food, or how much effort one might have in deterring them with resistant plants, certainly an oxymoron in this neck of the woods. The interior of the home has been designed somewhat like a V, with its point being the living room. Vaulted ceilings pull up the large windows which overlook the lake and the mountain. From its vantage point, the home offers tremendous privacy, as one is above neighbors, or distant from them. The single story home has three bedrooms and one bath on one end, with access to the bath from either the hall, or the Master Bedroom, and a small Master Suite on the other end of the house. Upon entering, the eye sweeps across the large open area and right out doors. Beneath the windows, there is a slate fireplace, which burns propane. The lines of this living space are most interesting, The kitchen has a small nook for breakfast, and the opening above the counters allows for a pass through into the dining area. This home is lovely, and it invites one to remain. It is also a legal vacation rental, one of the few in Lake Shastina. This runs with the sale. Furnishings are negotiable. MLS#111401