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Sold! ~ 520 Quincy St ~ McCloud ~ $320,000

3 Bedrooms        1 Bath       1428 SF       Quixotic Charm

You just want to wrap this classic McCloud home up and bring it home with you. It is that adorable. Shiny wood floors, plenty of light, an interior which reflects the era in which the home was built. Two bedrooms, and bath, are off the living room, and the third bedroom, or a studio-office is off the kitchen. Sit on the front porch and let the trees refresh you with their sweet breeze. Forget that, in the fall, you will be raking up bags of gorgeous yellow leaves. The back yard boasts the iconic McCloud outbuildings, in that they look like they are on their last leg, yet somehow they withstand the ravages of weather and time. This is one of the rare homes in the main area of McCloud with trees, and they are lovely. Wrapped in a white picket fence, the home screams Americana and Norman Rockwell. A licensed vacation rental, the house has provided income for the owners. Financial records to qualified Buyers only. However, who wants to share this cutie with anyone but family and friends? All wiring updated. New insulation added. MLS #20201108