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Sold! ~ 17530 Pilar Rd ~ Montague ~ $170,000

960 SF       3.1 Acres      Views Galore:            Sheep Rock       Mt Shasta        Distant Horizons        Well and Septic

It would be hyperbole to say this cabin is rustic. One can imagine an early settler taking heed of the environs and putting down roots here, exhausted from the long journey  along the Emigrant Trail, which passes through the property,  as the rest of the group, with the shuffling of hundreds of feet kicking up the dust, moved toward their dream homestead  in Yreka City. They walked under the hot sun, and beneath the craggy promontories of Sheep Rock. It’s about the land, the absolute peace with nothing but the sounds of quail chasing their children, or a warbler singing for a mate. Drifting through the ethers, is the quiet hum of a distant generator, or the muffled voices of neighbors. The cabin is one of the few with power in this area, and the out buildings provide ample space for a studio, or, in the case of the shipping container and the art shed, opportunity for a living space. While a study in frugality, the home is sufficient  for one to live with minimal impact on the earth. There is potential for an ongoing project here. The structure is in place, and what is needed is a little dressing, to make it the next best thing-your  remote little homestead in the wild Wild West! MLS# 20200760

Note Parcel Map indicates property is 3.17 acres. 384 x 360