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Pending! ~17111 Yancy Ct ~ Lake Shastina ~ $295,000

3 Bedrooms     2 Baths       2100 SF         New Interior Carpet and Flooring!        New Interior and Exterior Paint!

This is a gorgeous, newer home in the Lake Shastina Subdivision. New floors, carpeting and interior paint give the house a fresh new feel. Thoughtfully built, there is plenty of storage space, and each room is generously sized. The Master Suite has a sunny room off the bedroom, which opens to a private courtyard. The same courtyard can also be entered from the dining room. The kitchen, with its own pantry, is a dream. Island space, and loads of counter, allows one to stretch out with multiple food creations. It is a kitchen which offers space for many sous chefs. The Lake Shastina Golf Course surrounds this home, and all adjacent properties, so miles of green space add to the feeling of being enveloped by Nature. What is left is your imagination for a colorful landscape! MLS#114440