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Sold! ~ 5707 Blackberry Lane ~ Montague ~ $50,000

17.7 Acres    Mt. Shasta Views    Well      Septic     Access off Harry Cash 

This parcel stretches across 17+ acres. Because it runs along Harry Cash Road, this would be a far superior access. Harry Cash has infinitely more cachet as well. Blackberry Lane is long and ends at the property, passing through it to oblivion. Scrub pinion and other small trees show the effects of a harsher sunny weather without someone tending to the land. Nonetheless, there is an expansive feeling on this property and great views. Due to stormy weather, photos were taken as clouds were moving away. Mt Shasta is visible from the parcel, and with loving attention, this property would be a gorgeous little ranch. Well and septic are in place, and what is needed is vision. Well is older, so no record on County Level. You can keep walking out here, because it is not very populated. The sun meets the earth with a vengeance, and winter rains are appreciated. Views cross the land end end at the distant horizon. This would be an ideal location for solar. Mt Shasta View photos to come with sunny skies. MLS#111293