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20 Acres Juniper Valley Rd ~ Juniper Valley ~ $40,000

20 Acres             Juniper Valley                Beautiful Views           Peaceful

Juniper Valley road, at this location is rarely traveled. In fact, when this person was out there, it was just the sound of the road crunching under her feet. Unparalleled views in all directions, except one, can’t be such a bad thing! And from the top of the hill, there is nothing, but you and the sky. The lot has a ridge running down and back, and it might be best to put a home into the hill. Because it is rather thick with manzanita, low growing, it may be challenging to get a good view of the parcel by foot. Fastest access if off Highway 97, as it is 2.6 miles of a nice road into the lot. It is truly beautiful, and peaceful, in this area, with close proximity to Lake Shastina. Mt Shasta is very visible from this lot, looking out from the parcel at the front of the hill.  MLS#113059