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820 Hennessey Way – McCloud – $210,000

2 Bedrooms      1 Bath     1230 SF    

This cottage in McCloud is hidden behind the two huge trees. Landscaping and garden areas surround the home. For almost 100 years of age, this home looks pretty darn good. The large living room and kitchen would each take on a small crowd. What could be a third bedroom, is the current dining room. It is such a nice space, one might just be content with only 2 bedrooms. The back yard has a garden area, and across the ‘alley’ is the large, two car garage. This person clipped the rhubarb, growing in the garden.  Hennessey Way is set back from the center of town, a 10 minute slow walk to restaurants and morning espresso, or even the Post Office. McCloud has no noise at all, but it does have history, and people who love it are enjoying the proximity to skiing, swimming, fishing and hiking. There are also several good places to eat. Take a look at this cottage, and, maybe…stay awhile. MLS#110589