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J. HARRIS & ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE is located in the beautiful alpine community of Mount Shasta City, at the base of majestic Mount Shasta in the far reaches of Northern California. We are in the heart of Mt. Shasta area real estate, which features premier properties in Siskiyou Lake Highlands Golf Resort community, Mount Shasta City, and the historic lumber and railroad towns of Weed, McCloud and Dunsmuir. Peace and quiet, clean air and water, and an idyllic way of life are in store for you here. Our quaint communities offer everything the outdoor enthusiasts want: skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, camping, golfing, swimming, fishing, the Pacific Crest Trail, Lake Siskiyou, and the resplendent lady herself, Mount Shasta…just to name a few.

  John Harris Real Estate Broker
John Harris

Broker Owner • BRE#00428224

“We are independent, caring and professional, and we leave plenty of room for the enjoyment of the process for buying or selling your home!”

I can say I pretty much know everyone. I rarely meet people who do not become my friend. I discovered Mt Shasta on a ski trip in 1959. It was love at first slope. In 1960 I bought a home here, but did not make a permanent move until 1973.

I left home at 14, and embarked on a variety of careers before going into real estate. I am a Navy veteran, and I hold three degrees from my educational pursuits: Pharmacy, Industrial Engineering and Real Estate. My background includes owning motels, laundromats, drycleaners, an RV Park, a bedding-plant nursery and even a chainsaw business. Every time I visited Mt Shasta my desire to live here increased. After a three year stint in the Bay Area in real estate, I finally moved here and opened the first Century 21 franchise in the area. A few years later, I opened my own company naming it the Real Estate Center. I remained under the aegis of the Real Estate Center until autumn 2014, when in a decisive move toward change, I renamed the company J. Harris & Associates. While I no longer golf, ski or fly, I maintain a passion for fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest and real estate sales are still my main focus. I am proud to own a boutique real estate firm.

real estate brokers in mt shasta caJessie Zapffe
Broker Associate • BRE#01893198

“We are creative, personal and professional, and we look forward to having a good relationship with you!”

I was born and raised in the East, but the further West I moved, the freer I felt. I love the wide open spaces and the endless skies. When I came to Mt Shasta in 1985, there was still a drug store with a soda fountain, one had to order essentials from the Sears Catalogue at a tiny outlet on Mt Shasta Blvd. and skinny dipping was all the rage at Castle Lake. Locals would give up their rentals in the late spring and move up on the mountain, returning to snap up a new living space when the weather turned cold. Those days are long gone, and the memories grow dim. What hasn’t changed is the incomparable beauty of the area, the clean air, the superb water, the friendly people and iconic Mount Shasta, whose silent majesty overshadows everything with its resolute stillness.

I was involved in the retail sector for thirteen years, where I met many interesting people who were passing through, some of whom remained. I wrote several books. At some point, as if there was not enough to do, I awakened with a midnight epiphany to run for the City Council. I was elected and I served for three years, until I moved outside the City limits. That brief stint gave me a diverse background for my career in Real Estate. To this day, I am on great terms with our wonderful City Staff.

Mount Shasta gives everyone opportunities to express themselves, and I am no different. At some point, between careers and during a time of re-focusing, I had another epiphany. This time it was to go into Real Estate Sales. It was a situation of the right timing connecting with my own life trajectory. Homes have always been a passion of mine. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t loved driving around looking at homes for sale. I started my career at a wonderful company. Two years later, I got my Broker’s License. I was successful and happy, and then another opportunity presented itself. This one allowed me more creative expression. I approached John Harris, who had owned the Real Estate Center for 35 years. He was totally open to the possibilities of change, and thus J. Harris & Associates was created.

We consider ourselves a boutique real estate firm, and we provide all of the services one would expect from any other large franchise. John knows everyone. He, Diana Schenone and I jumped at the chance to create something different, as life is not about being static. We bring fun, and a lack of pressure, to the sometimes intense process of buying or selling real estate. Because we are small, we never take for granted the fact that our clients can choose anyone, and they have chosen us.

real estate brokers in mt shasta, caDiana Schenone
Broker Associate • BRE#01423761

“I have an ability to get to the heart of life’s issues, and I help my clients through their own processes around buying or selling their homes.”

I am a California girl, who grew up in the Bay Area. I graduated from College with a degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in Human Development. Of course, life often takes one in other directions, and I was no exception. I married and had two children, whom I home-schooled through 8th grade. During that time, I also worked part time in a law office. Once the children were in high school, I went to work for a neuroscience-based technology company which focused on children with learning disabilities. This helped me with the computer skills I continue to have today. It also helped me to become more aware of the potential that all of us have to succeed in life, regardless of circumstance.

Years later, with children grown and marriage behind me, I reconnected with an old high school friend. He was living in Mt Shasta at the time, and he convinced me to move here. That was in 2003, and I have not looked back. I went into real estate, for perhaps the wrong reasons; I was looking at the income potential and not the myriad of life lessons which accompany this amazing career. All of my talents and my gifts have been used in many ways, and I have developed many new ones as well. My computer skills have certainly helped us transition through technological advances in real estate, and my office skills still get tested. My initial foray into real estate was with a local franchise, but I wanted to be with an independent company; so I came to work with John Harris at the Real Estate Center six years ago. I am very excited about the transformation to J. Harris & Associates that our office accomplished in such a relatively short time. The energy, vibrancy and joy my office colleagues exude keeps a sometimes challenging business fresh and fun. I consider it an honor to help people find their first home, their ‘dream home’ or that special piece of land.

nikolas allen realtor mt shasta caNikolas Allen
Realtor® • BRE#02004800

“I help people through the complex process of buying and selling their homes, and I look forward to working with YOU!”

In 2015, I purchased my first home after decades of renting, and fell in love with the experience of home ownership, which until that point was just a nebulous concept. I got my real estate license so I could help other first-time homebuyers experience that same thrill.

Prior to selling real estate, I enjoyed a 20-year career in the field of marketing and advertising design. Most of those years were spent working in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I vacillated between employee and freelancer status for a variety of agencies, creative departments, and corporations including Target, Marshall Fields, The Musicland Group, and Mall Of America.

In 2008, I moved from Minneapolis to Mt. Shasta, California, where I launched my own marketing consulting company. A lifelong artist, I also got very involved in the regional art scene, exhibiting and selling my own brand of contemporary pop art, as well as curating exhibits at various galleries.

I’ve written and published two marketing books—Death To The Starving Artist, and Heavyweight Marketing—aimed at artists and small business owners respectively, and I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my debut novel.

My creative marketing background has been very helpful in my new career as a REALTOR®, and my passion for communication, dependability, and building strong relationships proves beneficial to every client I have the pleasure of working with.

I’m currently a REALTOR® at J. Harris & Associates Real Estate in Mt. Shasta, CA, working with three brokers who have over 6 decades of collective experience. I bring a fresh, unique, and contemporary perspective to the team, and I’m excited and hopeful about the modern real estate market.

Mt Shasta Realtor, Lacey Rey Mauro of J. Harris & AssociatesLacey Rey Mauro
Realtor® • BRE#01997991

“I have fallen in love with the process of helping my clients make the biggest purchase of their lives.”

I was born and raised skiing on the slopes of Mt. Shasta. I was an avid ski racer while I was growing up, obtaining a place on the US Alpine Development team at the age of 15.

After a career ending injury, I embarked on a 15 year journey living all over California, getting my degree in Fashion Design while living in San Francisco, and eventually designing costumes for the band Third Eye Blind, as well as a Phantom of the Opera production in L.A. 

In 2010, I reconnected with my childhood crush, David, and a few years later I was lucky enough to marry him. In 2015 David was offered a partnership at Timberworks in Mt. Shasta, and we were fortunate enough to be able to move back to our hometown, where we are able to raise our three beautiful daughters, and be close to our families.

Shortly after relocating, I became a licensed realtor, and hit the ground running. I have fallen in love with the process of helping my clients make the biggest purchase of their lives, and helping them with each step of the way.